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Morgen with an E

Morgen Bailey lives and breathes writing.

When she’s not writing (crime & women’s fiction, short stories, and writing guides), she’s editing.

She loves to walk her dog, go out with friends, visit and speak at literary festivals.

The only time Morgen sits and does nothing is when she and her significant other treat themselves to a cinema – Morgen loves films.

Fun Facts

Favourite colour: purple
Morgen can swim upside down underwater
Her dog’s real name is Leicester Dree Your Weird (yes, Your not You’re!) but a previous owner called him Gus.

Morgen’s fifteen books include five novels (crime and women’s fiction), two collections of short stories, five writing guides / exercises, and an editing guide.

For more info about each book, just click on the cover(s).

After Jessica
Hitman Sam
One for the Road
The Serial Dater
The Serial Dieter
Henry Goes to the Beach
Oh, Henry
Writer's Block Workbook 1
Writer's Block Workbook 2
Writer's Block Workbook 3
Writer's Block Workbook 4
Writer's Block Workbook 5
Editing Fiction
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