Hello everyone. I’m planning a series of free and inexpensive (see below) online writing and editing-related webinars and tutorials. These will be run via Zoom and Teachable, starting by the end July 2024.

Are you an author? If so and would like to take part (for free promotion of you and your books), please email me at morgen@morgenbailey.com.

Being a mentor, tutor, editor and author, I will guide you through the aspects of writing from creation to publishing.

  • There will be free ‘Writing 101’ live group sessions on Zoom at least twice each week where you can ask anything you like about writing.
  • There will also be regular (hopefully at least one a week) guest spotlights where authors can talk about their latest book.
  • Each session will last between 30-60 minutes, although we’ll likely go over that as I can talk for England, especially about writing.
  • The sessions will be staggered during the day to suit different time zones.

There will also be member-only extras:

  • At least 10 extra live and pre-recorded Zoom sessions per month on a variety of writing-related topics including: editing, publishing, novel writing, flash fiction and short stories, social media and marketing, as well as guest sessions including poetry and scriptwriting (and more).
  • All sessions will be recorded to watch again when suits you, or catch up on the sessions you’ve missed.
  • Discounts on private 1:1 Zoom/email mentoring sessions.
  • Discounts on Morgen’s 1:1 editing service.
  • Online Teachable community so you can chat with other students.
  • Dedicated private Facebook group.

Membership costs:

As most of you will be indie authors or readers on a budget, I am determinted to keep the costs very low.

  • Option 1: $£€10 / CAN & AUS$20 per month, for all the courses!, which you can cancel at any time. There are no plans to increase this price for the foreseeable future.
  • Option 2: $£€80 / CAN & AUS$160 per year, saving $£€40 / AUS$80. This will rise to $£€100 / AUS$200 per year (saving $£€20 / AUS$40) from 1st January 2025.
  • Option 3: Lifetime membership just $£€300 / CAN & AUS$600. This will rise to $£€400 / CAN & AUS$800 on 1st January 2025.

Let me know (commenting below or you can email me) what would you like to learn!

More details to follow on the Online Webinars & Tutorials page.