A British contemporary cozy mystery novella

Money and a Girl Gone Missing

Meet Jessica, an ordinary girl who comes across extraordinary circumstances and pays for them with her life.

As well as identifying her body, her brother Simon then has to wind up her affairs but gets more than he bargains for…

Who is Alexis, and why are Veronica and Daniel searching for her? Why is there a roll of cash in Jessica’s house, and what’s the connection between his sister and Alexis?

“A clever, fun mystery: A puzzle inside of a puzzle, with characters you care about. Quirks of personality and accidents of circumstance turn ordinary lives into something unexpected.”
– Bill Adler, author

“A pacy, full of intrigue, thrilling read that I couldn’t put down. I thoroughly enjoyed the short snappy chapters. The characters’ stories weave together perfectly as each one brings another piece to the puzzle that is Jessica’s life! ”
– Dash Fan Book Reviews


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