Morgen’s fiction books include crime and mystery fiction, women’s novels (published as Rachel Cavanagh), and short story collections. 

They are mostly set against a Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire background, whether there is crime involved, a dog-detective that can talk, or a serial dater on a mission! 

Her non-fiction works are aimed at all levels of writers whether beginners or those who want to refresh their skills – Morgen also tutors in person and has several online writing courses available. She runs her own mentor group on Facebook, very much a collaboration, and she invites all authors to join. Her Writer’s Block Workbooks are a go-to for every author. 

NOW, Morgen also writes Your Unique Story – using your components,  up to 2,000 words. Ideal for a birthday or Christmas (or whenever!) present for yourself or someone you know who would enjoy having something written exclusively for them.

Morgen will also be writing more short stories and is always open to contributing to anthologies. Please use the contact form below.

Morgen Bailey lives and breathes writing. When she’s not writing (crime & women’s fiction, short stories, and writing guides), she’s editing. She loves to walk her dog (ideally with her fiancé), go out with him/friends, visit and speak at literary festivals.  The only time Morgen sits and does nothing is when she and her significant other treat themselves to a cinema – Morgen loves films.

Fun Facts

Favourite colour: purple
Morgen can swim upside down underwater
Her dog’s real name is Leicester Dree Your Weird (yes, Your not You’re!) but a previous owner (he had two before Morgen) called him Gus.

You can contact Morgen via email: