editing fiction ~ a writer's guide


How to write a book then pull it apart

How to polish your novels and short stories – a comprehensive guide including a 170+ tips checklist.

In this book we look at:
- the components of your story;
- points of view;
- tenses;
- the power of three: beginnings, middles, ends
- another power of three: characters, settings, plots
- conflict and pacing
- polishing your writing: 170+ tips for making your writing shine;
- the layout of your book;
- and finally (a summary checklist)…

This book is suitable for…
- Writers of any age and experience;
- Writers of novels and short stories (predominantly – it will help scriptwriters and poets too);
- Writers looking to have their writing taken seriously!

Readers' Reviews

I actually HIRED Morgen Bailey on the basis of this book!

I found it excellent for all the things that you're not totally sure about that are more niggles but you want to get write including things like quotations, hyphenation, what were british or US words-that sort of thing. I got it as an ebook and took down the list at the end that is so handy as a checklist thence s I said above, hired Ms. Bailey to edit my book! — B.R. Maycock, Author 

Brilliant book — so helpful. This filled every requirement.

I needed a book to make me look more intently at my own work. Easy to read, it covered every topic possible, with links for further clarification. Highly recommended. — Anita May Waller, Author

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