A Writing Guide

How to write a book then pull it apart. 170+ tips checklist. For all levels.

Morgen Bailey works for a wealth of indie authors and publishers. In this book, she guides you through some of the processes needed to take your (primarily) novel or short story from first to final draft so that it’s good enough to submit to a competition, agent, or publisher.

In this book we will be looking at:
* the components of your story;
* points of view;
* tenses;
* the power of three: start, middle, end
* another power of three: characters, setting, plot
* conflict and pacing
* polishing your writing – 170+ tips for making your writing shine;
* the layout of your book;
* and finally (a summary checklist)…

This book is suitable for…
* Writers of any age and experience;
* Writers of novels and short stories (predominantly – it will help scriptwriters and poets too);
* Writers looking to have their writing taken seriously!

Morgen Bailey is a writer, freelance editor, writing blogger, former writing group chair, and creative writing tutor. She has been helping authors refine their novels, short stories, poetry, scripts, and non-fiction since 2008 and has worked with independent and traditionally published writers at every stage of their career.

Morgen writes novels and short stories so is also experienced to help you as a writer, not just as an editor.


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