Henry Short Stories


Henry Houdini ~ Dog Detective ~ Short Stories

Written under the pen name Rachel Cavanagh, Morgen has written two Henry books, ‘Oh, Henry‘ (the first novel in the series) and Henry Goes to the Beach, the first in a series of spin-off short stories. Below are details of the latter.


Henry Goes to the Beach


The Case of the Missing Case

When given the day off, laboratory assistant Gwynne Davies and her colleague and erstwhile sidekick Jack Russell dog ‘Henry Forsyth the First’ aka ‘Henry Houdini’, decide to go to the beach. As with much in Henry’s life, things don’t go smoothly, even before they leave the house!

Having inadvertently been given the ability to talk, Henry’s been told to keep quiet while they’re in public. Confronted by a sleeping Gwynne, Henry has to solve a mystery alone, all while conscious of acting like a regular dog.