A Trainee Hitman and Love Triangle

Having been made redundant as a photocopier software designer, Sam Simpson is lured in by a cryptic advert. As he learns it is for a trainee hitman, will he be tough enough to see the job through? 

Even James Bond had to start somewhere and Sam, as his alias Josh Bradley, looks forward to enjoying James' lifestyle. Although soon embroiled in a love triangle, Sam hadn't expected things to get so complicated so quickly. 

Readers' Reviews

My favourite kind of hitman. Bailey had me chuckling and suspending all belief... Sam, he just won my heart. - Zooloo's book Diary

Great writing by a very talented author. 

Loved this crazy idea about being a hitman. The twist at the end and the way everything all came together was brilliant. - Karen's World

A great read I'd definitely recommend. Hitman Sam has a protagonist that the reader can’t help put get behind. There is an underlying dark humor throughout which I really enjoyed. Was actually quite sad to get to the end as could easily have devoured more of Sam and his day to day life. - By the Letter Book Reviews

Hitman Sam on GoodReads

"I must admit that I quite fancy the idea of being the female Bond so I wondered if I could pick up tips! 

I was gripped by the story and I was intrigued to see how the story would pan out so I had to keep reading and keep turning those pages. 

This book had a bit of everything. There was drama, romance, serious action and there was a fair bit of humour in the book too. I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Hitman Sam’ and Morgen has another winner on her hands with this book."

- Ginger Book Geek


"A brilliant story and well written set in a cute little town. 

I surprisingly liked Sams character he was willing to give it a go and even found himself part of a love triangle at one point! 

The ending was a shocking, jaw dropping, unexpected outcome.  Highly recommended.

- Between the Pages Book Club

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