one for the road


A Hit-and-not-Run Novel

Panicked at killing a man on a Northamptonshire country road, drunk driver Liam Ross buries the body in the woods. The man was an undercover cop. 

When Liam returns to the woods... the body has disappeared. 

Set in present-day Northamptonshire, England,'One for the Road' focuses on three interweaving threads: the repercussions for drunk driver Liam Ross, gang underling Barry 'Not Gary' Newman, and the newly married policeman who was just doing his job. 

Readers' Reviews

Makes you sit up and take notice

Morgen Bailey certainly knows how to grab your attention with a shocking event at the start. With such powerful and vivid descriptions, I felt part of the story. How would the lives of the three people connect?  - Ginger Book Geek

The more I read of Morgen Bailey’s work, the more impressed I am by her writing.
This book follows the death of an undercover policeman, written from three points of view, Morgen cleverly intertwines their stories to produce a well-written book. The different view points give the reader a great insight into the characters, which again are well written. - The Divine Write

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"A riveting and compelling read.  I couldn't put this one down.   The short chapters keep this a fast paced novel and the clever timing of revealing certain aspects of the story keep your reading - it's definitely one of those books where you hear yourself saying 'Just one more Chapter'  and then an hour later you are still reading. " 

- Herding Cats


"One For the Road had me hooked – I just wanted to find out what happened next…… Some of the characters I fell in love with, others I absolutely didn’t like at all! Some of their actions throughout the book shocked me…..especially Liam!"

- Curled Up With  A Good Book

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