Rachel Cavanagh



Rachel Cavanagh was born a southerner and will always be at heart. She transplanted herself to the East Midlands, UK, in the early 1990s and has dreams of ‘retiring’ to Sussex, further south than her original roots, where she’d love to write full time with a sea view.

Short stories have always been her first love. A regular at her local library as a child, she devoured novels (sometimes under the covers with a torch) but often returned to short stories. Inspirations include Roald Dahl and Kate Atkinson.

Rachel will always be grateful to her father, with whom she would love to have had more time, especially to hear about his working relationship with Mr Dahl.

Rachel writes women’s fiction with a touch of humour, her ‘Serial Series’ includes The Serial Dater and, The Serial Dieterwhich is now available for pre-order.

Rachel also co-authored the novel Oh, Henry with Morgen Bailey and is delighted to bring you Henry Goes to the Beachwith many more Henry short stories to follow.