Morgen with an E

Hello. I'm Morgen With An E, a writer for thirteen years... although I do remember writing a story about an ampersand when young and dabbling with limericks in my 20s, and I've always had my head in a book; formerly Stephen King but my tastes have softened somewhat... to crime and humour. 

I'm passionate about the craft, and wanted to share with you my knowledge and experience gleaned to-date, having studied under the tutorledge of Sally Spedding, Judith AllnattSue Moorcroft, Joanna Barnden, Jane Adams, and Myra Schneider, and most recently Helen M Walters, from whom I took over teaching for Northamptonshire County Council's Adult Learning sector which I did for almost four years, finishing 4th July (ironically Independence Day) 2018.

2019 to-date

Events in 2019 include a W.I. panel (January), an audition for Bedfordshire W.I., U3A talk, and judging the Flash 500 short story competition (all February), a local W.I. panel and a talk about podcasting at Troubador Self-publishing Conference (both April) BeaconLit Literary Festival (workshops and panels) and a talk to Barclaycard Pensioners Club (both July). Forthcoming events include a workshop for U3A in Buckinghamshire.


A busy few months with these highlights:

My debut women's fiction novel, The Serial Dater’s Shopping List, came out on July 12th, and I’ve started NaNoWriMo (for the umpteenth time) this month (November) with its follow-up, The Serial Dieter’s Shopping List, with Izzy’s sidekick, Donna, at the helm, and set in Hemel Hempstead and Tring (Hertfordshire) rather than Northampton, although Izzy, Hunky Dunky and other characters will make an re-appearance in this one. I’m also writing a couple of standalone psychological thrillers, and another (standalone) women’s novel, so will be cracking on with those, and hopefully the mix will keep my word count respectable.

In between, I did talks for several Women's Institute groups, Timken Care Home, St James Libary book club, Kettering Civic Society, Moulton Literary Festival, BeaconLit Literary Festival, a 'Plot a Murder' workshop with AB Morgan at Bedford Library (getting a speeding ticket on the way home!), sold my books at various locations including Bell Plantation, Wootton Wyvale Garden Centre, Weston Favell library, and Abington Park Museum ... and my latest news: 'Five woo hoos and it's only 3pm' and 'Another productive week'.


Friday 10th March to Sunday 12th March 2017: I hosted a two-hour session entitled 'Editing Can Be Fun!' at Crime and Publishment, near Gretna Green, Scotland. Other tutors include Lin Anderson and Paul Finch.

As part of Northants Authors, I have been busy doing local craft fairs, book club talks, and writing group workshops.

Then in June, I was one of several local authors featured on Lisa Hardy's Bookalicious blog.

Saturday 8th July: I was back at BeaconLit, Buckinghamshire, hosting a 'Kickstart your Story' workshop. Click HERE for details.


As we all do, I was determined to be more productive and started up again writing and submitting stories to competitions. I await the results while I crack on writing more. :)

Late February, I had a wonderful weekend at the Crime and Publishment and have been invited to be one of the 2017 tutors (a two-hour session on how 'Editing Can Be Fun!' – more details below.

March was then a busy month getting ten of my eleven (excluding the free individual short stories) eBooks – I'm still working on re-editing and converting my chick-lit novel – paperbacked and they arrived on the 23rd.

On Tuesday 12th April 2016, I hosted a workshop at Lowestoft Library(on 'Beginnings, middles and endings: How to write a compelling short story') which was also my first ever book signing which was thrilling, especially when someone I didn't know asked me to sign one of my books. :)

Saturday 2nd July 2016: I moderated the 'New Voices' panel at BeaconLit at Ivinghoe, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Click HERE for details.

After a gap of not promoting myself (busy client editing), I shared my second-person viewpoint post on Ditrie Marie Bowie's blog.


On 13th January 2015, a Google Alert told me of a Canadian blogger who'd read, enjoyed and blogged about my second-person viewpoint story 'Albeit for Small Mercies'.

Then almost a month later, on 12th February, Canadian author of western romances, Alison Bruce, posted one of my flash fiction pieces called Date Night., a few days after I was nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award.

Then things went a bit quiet while I cracked on with my teaching and preparing my online courses. These started rolling out from late June 2015 and can be found on the Online Courses page (where you can also get the coupon codes to enrol at a discount!).

In November 2015, I was the Head Judge for the 2015 H.E. Bates Short Story Competition which I then presented the awards the following January. You can see the details of that here.




2014 flew out the doors with Chelle Cordero posting one of my blogging articles on her blogthen later the same day (3rd Jan), I received an honourable mention for my 1,000-word 'The Storm' entry to #LitBitsWeekendChallengenumber 3. Then the following week (9th Jan) I won (well, one of four winners) the challenge no.4with my 1,000-word short story 'Off By Heart' for which I won £80. :) Ten days later Rosalind Minett kindly mentioned me in one of her blog posts entitled Towards a Super-Blog?. On 22nd January, I returned to Della Galton's blog to talk about writing competitions. Then later that day, my article on pitching to agents appeared on the Chipping Norton Literary Festival blog. On the 28th, JD Mader hosted another of my articles, this time on novel and short story pacing.

February was a busy one from an editing and teaching point of view so one item to report: Rosalind mentioned me again on her blog Affordable Writers Services.

March kicked off with a mention in Jane Wenham-Jones' column April's Writing Magazine (page 84-85) and 6-worderClaire Maycock gave me a lovely mention on her blog. Then on the 20th, Helen Ross, interviewed me on her blog, I had a short story shortlisted at Verulam Writers Circle Get Writing 2014 Conference (I find out on the 29th how it got on), and on Sunday 23rd, Anne O'Connellhosted my 'Writing Essentials' on her blog.

April was a busy month client editing so I didn't do much else but on the 16th, I had a lovely review on Smashwordsfor my second-person viewpoint free short story, The Dark Side, by Wendy Beach who also reblogged my post on second-person viewpoint.

Ditto in May but I was featured on Diane Eklund-Abolins' blog on 14th May and on the 25th May, one of my one-day students kindly mentioned me on her blog.

June started on the 2nd with a "woo hoo" with a story in the Aspiring Writers 2013 Anthologythen on the 6th June I had an email from the lovely people at Surrey-based The Other Publishing Companyto say that my story 'Off By Heart' has been published in an eight-story anthology called 'Storms, Lies and Wildcards' (pictured right), available on and

Then just before Christmas, I had a children's Christmas story published in A Cup of Christmas, and had two of my reviews published on Everybody's Reviewing (Kate Atkinson and Classic Crime Stories). Also that year, I was shortlisted at Verulam Writers' Circle 'Get Writing' competition.


This is the year that I joined the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) and January 2013 got off to a flying start with Cheryl Carpinello interviewing me on the 1st, then towards the end of the month Alana Woods interviewed meand reviewed my debut novel The Serial Dater's Shopping List! In between, I had to take the long-thought-out decision to start charging for the interviews but I set up http://morgensauthorinterviews.wordpress.comon which I've rerun the original interviews (minus their numbers) and then running free standard Q&As, where I don't add in additional comments, which has been so time-consuming that I've had little time over the past few months to attend to my own writing. Like most people reading this, I'm a writer... I should be writing! In January I also set up five online critique writing groups. Late on 29th January, I had a Facebook message from Tom Corson-Knowles saying that he was so impressed with my interview with Liliana Hart, saying: "I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that your blog has inspired me and I’ve shared part of Liliana's story with a link to your site in my new book Kindle Success Stories". Wow.

I was nominated for another Liebster Award on the 12th February by Alison Bruce. Then on the 19th, my blog was mentioned on http://southbayinternetsolutions.comas one of '35 blogs for those that aspire to become writers'. The tables were turned again on the 25th February when I was interviewed by Clayton Bye. Also late February I joined Burrst created new blogs (all about me) on WordPress and Weebly.

Mid-March was busy; an interview on the 12th by Jane Daviswho called me 'the hardest working writer on the planet'. :) Then I went down to London on the 13th to do a talk on blogging at The Poetry Cafe, Covent Gardenfor Loose Muse (which went really well, I gave out all my handouts) and on the 16th I was given a short, sharp interviewby Paul Brazill.

April kicked off (on the 2nd) with my guest blogging for thriller novelist and marketing writer Rachel Abbott on writing essentials. On the 18th, just before a weekend at Get Writing Writers' Conference and Chipping Norton Literature Festival, Tracey Alley spotlighted me. It was a busy month for me as I did (and 'won' my first Camp NaNoWriMo).

I had a lovely surprise on May 2nd – being awarded a 'Feelgood Award' by Seumas Gallacher then on Bank Holiday Monday 5th May, I was interviewed by Sonnet O'Dell. Non-fiction author and intervieweePeter Jones emailed me on 7th May following my posting of his spotlightsaying, "I really appreciate it. My sales saw a definite spike last time and the same appears to be true this time. You are indeed a force of nature!". :) On the same day, Tracy Kauffman featured my novel on her blog. On the 14th I guested about crime writing for Kenna McKinnon and submitted an especially-written-for story to Writer's News'Insomnia' subscribers-only competition. The next day I was accepted as an online writer for GKBCand I submitted another especially-written-for story to LinkedIn's Aspiring Writers monthly competition, as well as a 47-word short story for Austin Briggs' monthly 55-word max. competition. My second post, on writing essentials, appeared on Kenna McKinnon's blog on 17th May.

I had a great beginning to June with a writer friend staying for a few days although plenty of catching up to do once he'd left. On the 11th I found out that three of my stories had been linked on Bubble & Squeak, Blue Horizonand The Ramshackle Writer. The same day Jess C Scott posted two items from me: The Story Behind The Serial Dater'sand Crime Writing. Then on the 13th, I discovered a link to one of my daily short stories on Todd Robert Dean's blog. The next day, Rebecca Vance nominated me for a Super Sweet Blogging Award. I received a great comment on the Novel Writing Workshop blogon the 15th: "Thanks for the inspiration. I use your exercises to create twitter fiction. These exercises are the coffee to my imagination. Latest story inspired by the picture – the smell of freshly buttered toast roused her from sleep. Who's making coffee, she thought, i live alone." Isn't that great! Also that day Adele Cosgrove-Brayshared my writing essentials on her blog. On the 17th another story was published on, and then another on the 18th. The lovely Jenny Worstallhas recommended me to The Guardian magazine's series on self-published authors. How 'wow' is that. Bibliotropic then reblogged my story, Elimination, under the category of erotica (not sure why) on the 21st (the day I wrote a story for one of my writing group's August homework, I kid you not, and liked it so much it's going off to Take a Break). I had a 55-word story, Slap on the Wrist, published on Austin Briggs' 55-word competition site. Bibliotropic picked up two more of my stories later in the month (Hold On and They try to with the food).

July 1st started with Bibliotropic mentioning another of my stories; Ocean Drive, the last of my 5pm fictions / Short Story Dailys before I have a 2-month break (July / August) to concentrate on other projects (including submitting for money(!) and eBooking). On the 12th, Lesley Fletcheradded this blog to her website's Friends and Resources page. :) On the 16th Kathryn Jenkins (not the Welsh singer) nominated me for a Super Sweet Awardthen the next day, Sophie Tallisnominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. On the 19th one of my stories (mentioned above) was rejected by Take a Break so I tweaked (reduced) it and emailed it to The Weekly News. :) During the month I also eBooked five Fifty 5pm Fictions short story collections, the 2012 and 2013 editions of Story a Day May, and the second 365-day Writer's Block Workbook.

August was a quiet month (I was mostly guest editing) although got off to a great start with me coming third in LinkedIn's Aspiring Writers July 2013 Short Story Competition. Then on the 30th, one of my guest posts (on getting ideas) went up at Southern Writers Magazine. :)

September 1st saw my guest blog on writing short fiction on The Writer's Drawer, and another on writing for children will go up at a later date. Thank you, Beryl! Then on the 4th I talked about being an insider on writing competitionson Della Galton's fab website. Della's invited me back to give advice on entering competitions so I'll post that link when it goes live- see January 22nd below. On Monday 9th September, I posted some of my fibonacci poetryand Beryl at The Writer's Drawer hosted another of my blog posts, this time on Writing for Children. Three days later, I appeared online again, this time interviewed by author Peter Jones. Then Friday 13th wasn't unlucky for me; Kathryn Jonesposted my blog post on writing short fiction. On the 14th and 15th I moderated at Workshopped at Northampton's booQfestthen that Sunday evening, I was listed (5th) on Scott Lorenz's list of bloggers who publicise authors. :) Then on the 18th, I was interviewed on Carrie King's blog. Then I went off to Germany for a couple of weeks so was out the loop pretty much...

On 15th October, one of my blog contributors, fellow Brit and all round good guy, Dave Siverslisted me (first!) on his blog. :)

On the 3rd November, thanks to a Google 'morgan bailey writer' search, I discovered that someone had set up a Facebook page for my blog. :) Not sure how I missed it (as I'm sure Sue would have told me) but Sue Roebuck hosted me on her blogback in November 2011. I was late starting NaNoWriMo this year but squeezed in with 50,065 words with 50 minutes to spare!

December started (for me anyway because I'd been busy client editing) on Monday 16th, with a guest appearance on Sam Tonge's blog, talking about one of our favourite TV shows, Downton Abbey. On the same day, Diana Jacksonnominated me for an award. :) Then after blitzing some emails I moved on to edit a 79,000-word mystery (one of my favourite genres) while starting to prepare for January's Northampton Writing Courses. Sneaking in before the Christmas break, Alison Bruce hostinga rarity for me, a children's short story where no one dies! :) And there was I thinking that would be all my news before the big day but no, the lovely Rosie Canning from Greenacre Writerslisted me (last but not least?) on her blogas one of her 'favourite writing blogs'. :) And to top it all, Marcia Johnstonposted my article about Humour – funny or cheesy? on Christmas Eve morning. On Monday 30th December, I started my weekly Morgen’s Monday Musings. where I tell you all about my week (writing-related anyway) and what I've spotted online during the previous seven days.


In January 2012, I guested on Fiona Veich Smith site to talk about overcoming writer’s block.

Then late February, Cindy Vaskova bestowed a 'Liebster Blog Award' on myself and four other bloggers: Nerine Dorman, Icy Sedgwick, Sonya Clarkand Emma Newman. One of my duties is to 1. Link back to Cindy (easy). 2. Nominate five others (not quite so easy but doable). 3. Post the award on my blog (done). 4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people in the blogosphere (easy, I do that already). 5. Have fun and spread the karma! (peasy). Thank you, Cindy.

In April I was one of Catherine Noble's 'crafty fella's... that's certainly a first. Thank you, Catherine, and later that month I was added to the Towcester Writers Group website, was awarded a 'Lucky Seven' by Kasia James, and listed as a top blogger by Finish Your Book (another WordPress site). I also met up with JD Maderagain on the topic of the art of interviews.

Late May I was presented (online) with a 'Beautiful Blogger Award' by Sean Durity followed by another Versatile Blogger Award from Darlene Jones, and then another 'Beautiful Blogger Award' by Dicy McCullough. And I revisited the topic of writing essentials for Nancy Dodd and then on Siggy Buckley's site with a piece entitled Do as I do, not and as I say.

In June I was no.7 of 21 on a list of other bloggers who interview authors, won another Versatile Blogger Award from DK Thomas and a WGT Kreative Blogger Awardfrom Siggy Buckley. I was also Jadis Shaw's ‘featured book’ with a Story a Day May 2011 giveaway. Also that month I became an Associate of the Society of Authors.

Then in July I was listed 12th in Best Colleges Online's Top 100 creative writing blogs, on the Fantastic Books Publishing blog as a 'Useful Resource for Writers' and a 'helpful people & sites' on

I also had two flash fiction pieces in Cake issue no.3.

Then in August I was awarded a Sunshine Blogger Award by Sophie E Tallis then I spotted my blog as one of Sheila Pearson's favourites and Sophie E Tallis awarded me a Very Inspiring Blogger Award(I never knew there were so many).

Tony Riches asked me for 10 writing tips for new writers then a few days later I wrote a guest post for Tom Rizzo on crime writing. Later that day, Sheron McCartha listed this blog's Books: Other's Peoples / Novels & Novellas pageon her sci-fi book review blog. The next day Gail M Baugniet listed this blog as an awesome blog to visit and a few days later I was mentioned on Helen Yendall's blog. On the 22nd Christopher Farleyawarded me a One Lovely Blog Award. It was a busy month!

Then in September Agnes Meadowinvited me to be a (paid!) speaker (as "Queen Blogger") at her Loose Museevent in Covent Garden, London, mid-March 2013 (I accepted, of course), Jaidis Shawnamed me as one of her Author Resources on her new blog. and the same day Dorit Kedartold me via Facebookthat thanks to some advice I'd given her she had a short story placed in an anthology. Mid-month novelist and writing guru Jane Wenham-Jonesmentioned me in one of her Woman's Weekly 'Just Jane' columns. Then on the 24th September I was announced as one of Tribal Messenger Daily's Top 50 blog for authors.

October 2012 started with me being nominated by Anne O'Connell for a Super Sweet award, then on the 2nd I was interviewed by Tom Blubaugh. On the 6th I signed up to (using my Twitter account, it was that easy) with RebelMouse which picks up my content from Twitter and Facebook as I produce it so I never have to do a thing. :) Then mid-October I I’ve joined Wattpad. Are you on there? Do let me know.

A couple of days later I was notified that a free eBook entitled 'Ditch the Publisher' I'd contributed to (my section's no.7, entitled 'The eBook revolution') was released. :) Then William R Bell'This is Your Life'd me. And late October I received an email inviting me to join storylanewhere I was asked to lay myself bare (not literally, you'll be pleased to know) but perhaps sharing a little too much information about my private life... including my most embarrassing moment!

A great start to November with the kick-off of my latest crime novel 'Once Perfect' (and this is going to be very grim) for NaNoWriMo 2012 and I uploaded my first (third-written) novel, my one-and-only-chick-lit-to-date, The Serial Dater’s Shopping List on to and Smashwords (and will be on iTunes, B&N etc. shortly). It was around then that I became a member of the Society of Authors (because I was offered two publishing contracs for The Serial Dater's Shopping List).

On the morning of Wednesday 7th November, I woke up to find I'd received a Written Acts of Kindness Award. The next day, Yasmin Selena Buttmentioned me on her blog.

On the 10th I went to Wing Library, Buckinghamshireto support a writing friend (and the library of course) and to attend a writing workshop but the teacher didn't turn up so I ran it! :) Then on the 11th I was interviewed by Richard Godwinat his Slaughterhouse

On the 21st I woke up to a comment on my blog from Sophie E Tallis and a p.s. that she'd nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award. Then I submitted a 55-word story to Austin Briggs monthly competition.

I finished NaNoWriMo, with a few minutes to spare, 'winning' with 51,555 words then on the morning of 1st December, I was shortlisted on Austin's competition. One of my interviewees epic fantasy novelist Yvonne Hertzberger won.

I received an email late on 4th December telling me I had won a professional video trailer from Writaniafor The Serial Dater’s Shopping List (TSDSL) with my pitch of '31 dates in 31 days – what could possibly go wrong?'. :) Then on the 5th I woke up to find I'd been nominated for a Blog of the Year 2012 award. :) On 9th December TSDSL was featured on online magazine Female First! On the 18th December, Tracy Kauffmanadded me to and later that evening I posted a part 3 of 3 guest postby crime novelist Neil Yuzukwho announced that he's named one of his characters after me! :)


I've also had writing-related articles published in the NAWGApril 2011'Link' magazine (Chorleywood Literature Festival Review), August 2011 (Blog interviews & Bailey's Writing Tips) and October 2011 (The Benefits of Attending Writing Events) and a twisted fairy tale in April 2012editions. I've been mentioned on Rosanne Dingli'swebsite as well as a short story ('The Threadbare Girl') published on Nathan Weaver'ssite. This blog's My Collaborations page lists everything to-date. 'The Threadbare Girl' is available as a free short story and part of my 'Story A Day 2011'* anthology on Smashwords ($0.99 (£0.77 / AS$1.50)) *which has just received its first review on Amazon, a glowing 5*. :)

In July 2011 I guested on Tia Silver Bach’s blog on the subject of NaNoWriMo. In September, Jodine Turner invited me to talk about writing essentials. Later that month I said what it was (is) like to be a writer in the U.K. entitled The view from across the pond on JD Mader’s non-fiction blog.

Then in November, I did (and won) NaNoWriMo again.

In December 2011 I was nominated (by K.S. Brooks), and awarded (by JD Mader), a Versatile Blogger Award.

Coming a few hours after the first (a 5*) review for my 'The 365-Day Writer's Block Workbook' they certainly made my day.

Then Chaz Wood’s wonderfully dark blog I talked again about writing essentials (yes, it’s deja vu). Also that year, I was shortlisted at Verulam Writers' Circle 'Get Writing' competition.


As mentioned above, I wrote my first-ever script for NaNo's sister site Script Frenzy – – which was a challenge to say the least. The target was 100 pages rather than 50,000 words but the layout so different that it was a much slower process.

Although I'm glad I did it  (102 pages), it didn't make me want to be a script writer (although I wrote a 5-minute play for Northampton Literature Group's July 2010 task which was fun) so am sticking with the novels, short stories and occasional poetry. I have also had one of my monologues displayed alongside one of Jaroslaw Ancuta's drawings – see  I also did NaNoWriMo that November and 'won' with 51,300 words.

Also that year, I was shortlisted in the Verulam Writers' Circle 'Get Writing' Competition  with Feeding the Father, a based-on-a-true-story monologue, which was also shortlisted in the Writers' News Short Story Competition in the October (so near and yet so far). I also had a poem shortlisted with Mslexia in May, then won the Northampton Writers' Group Members Only Short Story Comp in July.


Back in January 2008, I won Ripping Pages competition with a poem 'Fight for life',  I wrote Hitman Sam for NaNoWriMo 2008 then After Jessica between January and October 2009 before writing The Serial Dater’s Shopping List (novel) that November... for yes, NaNoWriMo again.

More about me and my writing...

More about me and my writing...

We all have rejections and to-date, I have thirty-four but do have more short stories 'out there'.  I met a prestigious agent at the Verulam Writers Circle Get Writing 2011 Conference and had some very encouraging feedback on the two novels I presented to him, which later went before three agents at the July 2011 Winchester Writers' Conference. As yet, I've just been published in the UK and am now looking at submissions overseas and it's certainly all keeping me out of mischief (if only because I'm too tired!).

I've written seven and a bit novels: four for NaNoWriMo – 53,000 in November 2008, (novel no 2 Jan-Oct 2009), 116,540 words in Nov 2009 (in 29 days!),

Then I managed 51,300 words November 2010 and scraped through the 50,000 barrier (with less than an hour to spare) in 2011 and 2012, then another for Camp NaNoWriMo – April 2013, and another for NaNo November 2013. The 'bit' is a conversion of my Script Frenzy 2010 script which I'll continue at some stage.

I was a member of four writing groups, some of which are registered with the NAWG (National Association of Writing Groups –, and I have had two articles published in April 2011, and another in August 2011 issue of their Link magazine. I've also been published by Woman's Weekly and had a short story in the charity anthology 'Telling Tales', which is sadly now out of print.

I was occasionally involved with Radio Litopia, the writing-related internet radio show, as formerly occasional Eve-cover, guest panelistand Skype Caller on 19.01.11(at c.38mins), 07.02.11(at c.1h04m), 03.04.11(at c.32m where Eve Harvey, AgentPeteand I played charades) and 10.04.11(at c.39m where we talked about my visit to the Oxford Literature Festival April 2011 then went on to play charades).

On a personal level I can speak fairly good German, some splatterings of Spanish and French, love cartooning, have really broad shoulders from years of swimming (I can swim upside down and used to do reverse dives off a 3m board) and playing agony aunt. I can bark like a seal, flip coins off the back of my right elbow, am just under 6ft tall, and my right calf is bigger than my left from years of step aerobics. Oh, and I love Banoffee Pie (and can be easily bribed with it).

I've you'd like to know more about me (could there be more?)... and if you'd like to read interviews of me you can find them at Teresa MorrowWho HubGerrie Ferris FingerJess C Scott, with myself for my 100th blog interview (released on my birthday), Marilyn MeredithAnne K AlbertMarja McGrawRosanne DingliSarahjane Funnell (celebrating the launch of my eBooks), Smoky Trudeau ZeidelWinn SmithKat 'K.S.' BrooksSue Roebuck, Elle AmberleyAvril JoyWendy & Charles SiefkenJean Henry Mead, Cheryl Carpinello, and Carrie King. Thank you everyone, it was fun having the tables turned.

I will also be interviewed by Neil Yuzuk for Acclaimed Books (date t.b.a.). If anyone would like to grill me, just let me know.

You can follow me on Twitter (see follow link below), friend me at Facebook, click the 'like' on my Facebook author pageand find me on Tumblrand LinkedIn. I also have some photos (currently of dogs past and present) on Flickr and added my biography to

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